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Nelson Community Radio Station Broadcast Complaints 88.1 FM

Broadcasting Complaints

Good Community Access radio by its very nature is challenging - that's part of Free FM's role in the media, representing the diverse views of the local community. At times these views may either intentionally or unintentionally offend a listener. If you have heard something on Community Radio Nelson that you wish to complain about, we welcome you to do so in the following ways. For an informal complaint or feedback to the station, use our Feedback Form. If you include a return email address, your complaint will be responded to. For a Formal Complaint, there is a clearly defined process that must be followed, which can begin with discussing the issue with the general manager (phone 03 391 0135 during office hours, or email office@crnz.net). This is set out by the Broadcasting Standards Authority (BSA). The instructions for laying a formal complaint are listed on the BSA website.

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