About Community Radio Nelson.

Community Radio Nelson Station

Nelson Community Radio

Local resident Terence Blyth set up Community Radio Nelson as a community radio station and operated low powered FM station on 88.1FM to provide a local voice for Nelson and a different format palyed on commercial radio.

Community Radio Nelson Solar

The station has been running continuously for 24 hours a day , thanks to solar power,  We are hoping to purchase a more powerful frequency later on.

Comunity Radio Nelson plays an eclectic blend of contemporary music, everything from Abba to Franz Ferdinand, along with heaps of Kiwi music and specialty programmes like “The Seventies” and “The eighties” every evening.

Any one chan sign up and select the music they want to her and the station will schedule it.

All the station software has been written in New Zealand.


 Whether it is local journalism, storytelling, live events, music discovery, or the exploration of cultural nuance and meaning, Nelson Community Radio broadcasters provide a nexus where community life and civic life meet and interact at the local level. Local community media is people powered and it helps communities thrive.


We are a small team doing what we love, bringing Nelson community news and events and promoting Nelson businessess.


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